Time…Time…Where does it go?


I’ve finally got the time and inclination to start updating this blog regularly. What you will find here is still to be determined. We will see what catches my interest. I do like repairing things rather than throwing them away. I like to find ways to modify things to meet my needs. I am interested in Automation and am currently in the middle of designing a monitoring and management system for my RV Rusty. It is a 2004 Newmar Dutchstar and I have three cross country (well Idaho to Virginia) trips in it. Some interesting things that happened along the way and I want to recount them here. I’ve been practicing photography for over 40 years and have many incredible images to share and hopefully some wisdom to share. I’m in the middle of scanning my entire 10,000 + slide cache. I had 6621 Kodachrome slides and expect about the same number of Ektachrome slides. I changed formats so I could self develop and mount. I also have thousands of digital images that over time I will be sharing with you all.

As of this writing I am planning at least a year long trek departing in August 2016 with Rusty. I’ll be chronicling that trip,  posting interesting mods and other stuff that I think is cool and just rambling on. So check back regularly and let’s see where this journey takes us.



Rusty ready to roll.
Rusty ready to roll.

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