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Hi all…
Been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve mostly been focused on editing video that I have been shooting over the last year and replacing the fridge. I’ve posted some video updates on that over the last couple of weeks.

Also, I am trying to help my Aunt sell their RV. My uncle has had a stroke and it’s unlikey that he will be able to drive it again so they want to get rid of it. I produced a video of it to try and help them sell it. If you know anyone wanting to buy a pretty good RV let me know.

Finally the plan is to head towards my Dad’s in Arkansas around the first of April, probably spend most of the month there and then head to the NE knocking out a few music festivals along the way.

My cover photo is me messing around with my Tamron 150-600 telephoto and looking at the sharpness of the image. Not bad at 600mm and ISO 1800

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