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Amazon Affiliate

Due to popular demand, I have become an Amazon Affiliate member. I am humbled that people have inquired about my Amazon Affiliate status so they could show their appreciation. Several people encouraged me to do it and I thank you.

There was a technical reason with my domicile state that prevented me from getting an Amazon Affiliate account setup, but that has been resolved. It was much easier than I thought it would be and I’ve already made a couple of commissions!

I’ve started filling my Amazon Store with stuff I’ve gotten from Amazon, used personally and would recommend. As with all Amazon Affiliates, I get a small commission when you use the Amazon links here on my website or in my YouTube videos.

I will only show you products that I personally use and think are a good value. Where it seems appropriate I will show you alternatives that may fit your specific situation.

I greatly appreciate those of you who support me by watching my YouTube videos, reading my articles, admiring my photos and clicking on the links. It costs a lot for camera equipment, computers, software and such so every little bit helps! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate”

  1. Thanks for all your helpful RV info. Will your Dawn and Boraxo black tank treatment Work on a non-moving travel trailer?
    From a faithful subscriber

  2. Hi Mr Borlin.
    I am a “beginner” in the RV world
    Since I decided to purchase an RV I started watching in You Tube different RV videos
    And I found one of your videos which I got impressed how much I learned. Thank you
    So much to share all you expertise and knowledge.

    A new fan!!!
    Tampa, FL

  3. Thanks so much Mr. Bowlin as we are “newbies” in the RV world and really appreciated your video regarding the grey and black tank cleaning and maintenance.

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