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Craters of the Moon National Monument Idaho

In September I visited the Craters of the Moon National Monument, a place that is really special to me. I taught an adult enrichment class for the College of Southern Idaho called Take a Walk on the Moon. It was an evening lecture and all day Saturday excursion to the Craters timed to correspond with floral peak… Tough to do when you have the set the class date in early spring to get in the catalog and the variability of the weather in southern Idaho in the spring and early summer. We learned about geologic time and the geologic history of the area as well as successional concepts from Clements and Gleason and compared the two to the successional patterns seen at the monument. Finally we learned the names, both common and scientific names, and uses of the plants at Craters by animals and the Native americans known to have occupied the area for 16 thousand years! I always stop there anytime I am in the neighborhood and I spent the day with my good friend Mike from Bellevue where we walked out a couple of miles into the wilderness. A great day!

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