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Trinity Test Site Visit…April 1st 2017

Hello everybody.

I guess it’s about time for an update since it’s been a month and ½ or so but I’ve been visiting my dad and haven’t been spending any time on much else. So on my way to Arkansas I noticed while researching places to stay along the way that the Trinity test site was having an open house on April 1 and it would be along the way to Arkansas if I took I25. There is also an open house on October 1st, BWT.

If you don’t know the Trinity Site is the location of the first atomic bomb detonation during WWII. It happened on July 16th 1945 in the desert about 40 miles northwest of Alamogordo New Mexico. I’ve been curious about atomic things for many years having worked for the Navy at the Naval Reactors facility west of Idaho Falls where I grew up.

Here are a few photos from that visit last month. Hope you enjoy.

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