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Rattlesnake close call video

The other day I had a tire serviced that kept leaking air. Once the repair guy got the tires off, I saw a smallish rattlesnake. It was right behind the inside dual, the one that was leaking. It couldn’t have been 6 inches from the guy’s hand when he removed the tire. I have no idea how he did not get bitten.

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4 thoughts on “Rattlesnake close call video”

  1. If my tank sensors aren’t working, how do I know how full my tank is? When you say flush the tank, do you mean the toilet or the actual black tank?

  2. Are RV toilet papers pretty much the same?
    Which brand is better than others?
    Can I use regular Charmin without issue?
    When you ‘service’ the black tank with Borax/Dawn and do a flush, do you use RV toilet chemicals or just Borax until time to flush again?

    1. As far as toilet paper, no they are not all the same. You don’t need to buy ‘RV’ toilet paper. It’s expensive and really isn’t required. I also don’t recommend Charmin because it can cause issues, particularly with the level sensors. I use Costco (Kirkland) brand with no problems.
      I don’t use any RV toilet chemicals, just the borax, and dawn. They are not necessary as the borax and dawn work perfectly.

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