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Family-Friendly RV Selection Guide Comprehensive Checklist

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This Family-Friendly RV checklist is a companion article to my Guide to Family-Friendly RVs. I also have a quick checklist you can download here: Quick Family-Friendly RV Selection Checklist. Download a Word doc here: Comprehensive Checklist

Navigate the complex world of RV buying with ease using our comprehensive family RV checklist. Tailored for families, this detailed guide covers everything from safety features to budget considerations, ensuring you don’t miss a thing in your quest for the perfect RV. Ideal for first-time buyers and experienced RVers alike, our checklist is your go-to resource for making an informed, family-friendly RV choice. Download and start planning your dream RV adventure today!

Comprehensive Family-Friendly RV Checklist

This detailed checklist is designed to guide families through the process of evaluating and selecting the perfect RV. It covers all aspects to consider, ensuring a well-informed and suitable choice for your family’s needs and preferences.

Safety and Security:

  • Emergency exit windows and routes
  • Fire extinguisher and smoke detectors installed
  • Child-proof locks on cabinets and doors
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • First-aid kit storage space

Sleeping Arrangements:

  • Number and size of beds
  • Quality of mattresses
  • Privacy features for sleeping areas (curtains, doors)
  • Convertible beds or dinettes for flexible sleeping options

Living and Dining Area:

  • Comfortable seating for the entire family
  • Space for family activities (games, movies)
  • Dining table size and ease of conversion
  • TV and multimedia setup

Kitchen Features:

  • Stove, oven, and microwave functionality
  • Refrigerator and freezer size
  • Adequate counter space for meal prep
  • Storage for cookware, food, and utensils
  • Sink size and water pressure

Bathroom Facilities:

  • Functional toilet, shower, and sink
  • Hot water capacity
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Storage for toiletries and towels
  • Mirror and lighting

Storage and Organization:

  • Closet space for clothing
  • Overhead and under-seat storage compartments
  • External storage for outdoor equipment
  • Bike racks or towing capabilities
  • Organizational features for toys and books

Technology and Connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi booster or satellite system
  • Charging stations and power outlets
  • TV antenna or cable hookup
  • Audio system with indoor and outdoor speakers

Climate Control:

  • Efficient heating and air conditioning system
  • Insulation for different weather conditions
  • Window and roof ventilation
  • Thermostat control

Outdoor Features:

  • Awning size and ease of use
  • External lighting
  • Outdoor kitchen or grill (if applicable)
  • External shower (for beach or muddy adventures)

Vehicle Specifications (for Motorhomes) / Tow Vehicle Compatibility (for Trailers):

  • Fuel efficiency and tank size
  • Engine performance and reliability
  • Ease of maneuverability and parking
  • Hitch type and towing capacity
  • Backup camera or parking assistance

Maintenance and Upkeep:

  • Ease of cleaning surfaces and materials
  • Accessibility of plumbing and electrical systems for repairs
  • Warranty and service options
  • Availability of replacement parts

Budget and Value:

  • Initial purchase price
  • Estimated maintenance and operational costs
  • Resale value and market demand
  • Financing options and terms


  • Customize this checklist based on your family’s size, lifestyle, and preferences.
  • Use this checklist as a guide during RV shows, dealer visits, or when considering a rental.
  • Prioritize features that will have the most impact on your family’s comfort and enjoyment.

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