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Live Stream RV’ing Questions & Answers

Join my live stream on YouTube to answer any of your RV-related questions. I can also try and help you solve problems with your RV. I am super excited to get back to making RV content starting Tuesday, March 23rd at 7 pm mountain time. It will be your opportunity to ask me questions and we can have a discussion about them.

This will be the perfect opportunity for new and seasoned RV’ers to ask questions or get help with problems.

Join me on the live stream here on YouTube:

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21 thoughts on “Live Stream RV’ing Questions & Answers”

  1. TR,
    Spring prep procedures: Seasonal Travel Trailer & Motorized RV
    Fill Fresh Water tank at least 1/2 full
    Add Bleach and finish filling tank to sanitize the tank.
    Turn on the 12 volt water pump like you are boondocking. Immediately check entire system for leaks, the 12 volt pump should cycle off when the system reaches full pressure and it should stay off until you open a faucet or other water valve. If the 12 volt pump cycles on and off after reaching pressure you have a LEAK, STOP FIND IT NOW AND FIX IT. No Leak or after you have fixed leak-s turn on 12 volt water pump, run water in to every faucet. Sinks, Shower, Toilet, External Shower, External Kitchen if applicable.
    Turn off 12 volt pump and let the system set overnight.
    Day 2
    Use low point drains to drain the Fresh Water Tank. Place a flat surface, stone, board or some other shield under the drain to limit the tunneling caused by that much water draining on to the ground.
    Refill the Fresh Water tank with fresh water and let is set for an hour or so to absorb bleach residue.
    Run water through each faucet, shower to flush bleach out of system.
    Use the low point drains to Drain the Fresh Water Tank do this several times until bleach smell is gone.
    Best to have removed them and stored them on a trickle charger during the off season.
    Use your cell phone camera to take pictures of how the cables are connected to the batterie-s Check each connection for corrosion, clean with baking soda & water paste tighten all connections. Bring batterie-s up to fully charged with a charger.
    Check or refill your propane tank.
    Turn on the tank and use soapy dishwater with a basting or small paint brush coat each joint and connection watching for bubbles. Check at the connections for the Hot Water Heater, Stove and any other propane appliance in the RV. LEAK? STOP TURN OFF THE PROPANE TANK and fix those leaks.
    Systems Check:
    If you don’t have a access to 30 or 50 volt RV Power depending on your RV’s system do a Boon Docking Check.
    Hot Water System:
    Add water to your Fresh Water Tank, use your 12 volt water pump to pressurize the water system
    turn on the hot water faucets to fill the hot water tank. When ALL the air bubbles stop coming out if the faucet the Hot Water Tank is full. VERY IMORTANT THAT THE HOT WATER TANK IS FULL OF WATER BEFORE TURNING ON EITHER THE PROPANE HEATER OR ELETRIC HEATER. This is an important step each time you set up your RV. Turning on the heaters with an empty or not full tank of water will damage the tank.
    12 Volt Electrical System:
    Roof mounted hatches and fans, interior and exterior lights.
    Other systems and potential trouble spots:
    Lubricate and Operate Awnings and Slide outs.
    Lube all latches and locks WD-40 or other recommended lube.
    Check mouse damage, ware & tare, season start cleaning.
    Check all seams and fixtures for cracks and damage. Refresh Lap Seal.
    Tire condition and pressures:
    Look for age cracks on tires they will age out long before they wear out.
    Marker, Tail and Head Lights:
    For a tow behind connect your tow vehicle, lube the hitch latches and check all hardware.
    With the power cable connected check all travel lighting and electric break functions.
    For a motorized RV perform the same checks using your RV systems connect your Towed
    Vehicle and check all of the tow connections, lighting and breaking systems.
    Motorized RV:
    Thiers a lot more to check/service on this heavy vehicle (regardless of size).
    I started out doing these on our 2004 Dutch Star with the help of my son. But the weight of this vehicle jacked into the air and the volume of oil to deal with in the driveway of our home was more than I wanted to contend with. I only have two sons (none to spare). 🙂
    In 2018 while visiting the Spartan Factory & Service Center in Charlotte MI we took advantage of thier full chassis inspection and tour under the bus in thier PIT. At the time the chassis inspection cost $125.00 and it is through, done by techs that work on these coaches every day. Well worth the $$. Of course the objective for Spartan is to sell repairs, but they were very helpful in suggesting priorities stretching out over several years. We did the high priority items and now plan to include a swing through Michigan every couple of years on our way north in the spring or south in the fall. Thiers a lot to see in Michigan (in the summer).

    We weren’t able to catch your podcast our daughter and her husband are visiting locally for the week.
    I got my second COVID shot 3/24 and Wife has her first with second scheduled.
    Today 3/25 we are heading back down to Everglades City FL. Mike our son-in-law connected up with an old friend, a native boat captain and we are going to spend a day out on the water in the glades.

  2. When connected at an RV site with power, water and sewer, should I keep both tanks shut off open or closed while at the site?

      1. My gray tank overflowed. I have a leak in the basement. Is it possible this is from the overflow? I have emptied and flushed the gray tank and it is not leaking any longer. Is this possible, or is my leak from a crack produced from the harsh Kansas winter? The tank was winterized in November and again in January it Februay. I just bought 2002 RV mid-December. I live fulltime in it, except when temps drop below 32 degrees. Thank you for your help. Sherry

  3. I will be joining your live forum tonight, 27 Apr. I have a question about my Sealand 510 toilet. The vacuum breaker is leaking out the top vent hole about a tsp or tbsp every time we flush. I have the one with the spray hose. I ordered a new Vacuum Breaker from Amazon and it also leaked. I am not sure how these things work and can’t find the info.

  4. You are a God sent for RV answerings. I enjoy your youtube and the way you explain things. Thank you.

    My next question is I have a 2015 Tiffin Phaeton and I want to install a washer & dryer stackable. What is the best stackable washer & dryer you would recommend to install?

    1. Thanks, Thomas! I don’t have any direct experience with those in an RV. I do recommend that you check the Tiffin owners forum on You are sure to find plenty of opinions there.

  5. TR,
    We have a small trailer that we bought new a couple years ago. We have never poo’d in the system but we frequently get a urine smell. We just used the trailer for 4 nights and the urine smell is back. I have flushed and the water is clear. I have also convinced the wife not to put any paper in the tank. Yesterday I added 2 gallons of water with 1/2 cup Borax and some Dawn dish soap to the empty tank. I assume our black tank is not that big since our fresh water tank is 21 gallons. Today the urine smell is still present. What do you suggest to eliminate this smell?

  6. Question
    I can dump in my home sewer system, but its 30ft from the RV to the nearest pipe. Is that going to work? I feel like it will not have enough….momentum?

    1. Great question, Alane! You’ll be fine. I’ve had to use 30 feet of hose in the past. Just be sure and rinse the sewer hose really well before you put it away.

  7. I enjoy your information. We have a 2016 forest river. When we pull out of our camp site and go to dump our tanks, very little comes out, gray or black. When I get home, I hook up my hose and dump into my septic tank . Seems to dump just fine . Could I have a vent problem? The tanks seam to come clean.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. That is strange. It sounds like there may be a big wad of toilet paper stuck in the drain line. I’d try the road flush I describe in my YouTube video on maintaining your holding tanks. Here is the link to that video
      Try the road flush. Dump your tanks before you leave the campground, then do the road flush and dump again when you get home. Do this a couple of times, it should help break up anything that is plugging the drain line.

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