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RV How To- Was the Weboost Cellphone booster worth the money?

This is an update to a couple of RV How To videos I did last year about installing and upgrading the Weboost 4G-X Cellphone booster. This was an upgrade on my 40′ Class A RV that I travel the country in.

Installing the Cellphone Booster

I installed the directional antenna because I was in Ocotillo Wells California and I had virtually no cell phone signal. You’ll see in the video of the install how much it improved the signal, enough I could stream videos and upload to YouTube.

The Directional Antenna Install Video

In this video I install a directional antenna on a mast made of conduit. Admittedly it was overkill the way I mounted it but a fun project none the less. I show you how much the signal improved when I switched from the Omni-directional antenna. I test up and download speeds and take a minute to discuss why it was necessary to have the antenna so high in the air. Hint: It has to do with line of sight.

The directional antenna is super handy when your a long ways from a cell tower. It amplifies the signal going to and from the cell phone tower and in this update video I show you a huge improvement in upload and download speeds using it verses the omni-directional antenna.

I only need to use it occasionally but when I do it has worked every time to improve download and upload speeds especially if you are 20 to 40 miles from the cell tower that is servicing you.

The Directional Antenna Installed on the Roof Ladder

Yep I’d say it was worth the money. The booster with the omni-directional antenna was $499 and then the directional antenna, which I bought separate was another $49. The conduit added another $10. So we’ll round it off to $560 all in(2018 costs). I’ll note there is a kit which includes the directional antenna available online but it is cheaper to buy the kit with the omni-directional antenna and add the directional separately. Besides my experience has been that you only need the directional occasionally. If you only have the directional antenna I think you would get tired of messing with it after a while and most of the time the omni works just fine.

I’d have to say that after 18 months I am very satisfied with this cellphone booster. Combined with the directional antenna it’s pretty solid and so far very reliable.

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