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RV Tips – Air Conditioning Wierd Roof Rattles

Do you have weird rattles coming from the roof of your RV when the Air Conditioning is running. The cause may be that the AC units mounting bolts are loose.

Manufacturers oftentimes reinforce the roof under the sheathing to provide secure mounting for rooftop air conditioning equipment. If you look closely, you will see where Newmar installed aluminum sheets under the sheathing to reinforce the roof on my 04′ 4010 Newmar Dutch Star.

Prior to my replacing the roof shown in the photo taken the summer of 2018 I had a rattling problem. I checked inside the AC unit for wasp nests, loose metal parts, and loose screws. I’d put it back together and it was running and rattling when I leaned on it to get up off the roof and the rattling stopped. So I decided to tighten the mounting bolts.

Mine were covered with silicone, and that was a pain to pick off, but I tightened up the mounting bolts, and voila the rattle stopped. Be careful to not overtighten the bolts and be sure to replace the silicone.

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2 thoughts on “RV Tips – Air Conditioning Wierd Roof Rattles”

  1. I am wanting to ask a question about my RV. I bought a used 2014 Jayco Eagle 39′ travel trailer. I love this. I live in it year round and am parked of course, ( my car will not pull it, ☺). So I am now getting to where I am ready to make this my tiny house, the reason for buying this ins the first place. So I am going to paint the inside of course. I do not like darkness. I had someone come out to level my W/D combo and he said my RV is so out of level he cannot do it. So I will have to have him come back out to level me up. I am unable, my health and age is starting to show, ☺. He checked my roof air in the main living area and said the bearings in the motor are sealed and going out, so it means a new A/C. I was wanting to know if I should think about the mini-split in place of the regular a/c and I have 2 so I want to replace both with the mini splits and put Skylights in where the A/C’s are now. What do you think and is ot something to even consider? Thank you for taking the time to read my life history of my RV.

    1. It’s hard to say on the AC. Is this person an RV repair tech? If not I would definitely get a second opinion on replacing the AC’s. If you live in a rainy climate I wouldn’t replace the AC units with skylights. RV roofs are not like home roofs and I would be very worried they might leak. However, if they are installed and sealed carefully then that might me okay. The replacement roof AC units should cost around $700 each and a mini-split will likely be $2000 plus another $4-500 to install and get the correct electrical power to them. Finally, if you ever want to sell the RV having the mini-split may make it really difficult to sell in the future. That being said a mini-split would be nice in a permanent situation but may greatly complicate selling the trailer in the future. Hope that helps! Take care Debra!

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