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When is it time to let the pro’s do the work?

Just posted a new RV How To video on my YouTube channel about when is it time to get the professionals to do the work. Search for TR Bowlin on YT or just got to –>

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6 thoughts on “When is it time to let the pro’s do the work?”

  1. Jim Bertrand (45 years in railway safety for CN and federal government... retiring soon!)

    Hi TR; really enjoy your channel, website, topics and style! I think you are probably just a few years older than me (I was born in ‘57) so we appear to have similar interests… And the way I found you was through Newmarket connection as I’m looking for a used Newmar and I’m pretty handy so found your set of roof repair videos and have watched you continuously since! And yes I enjoy Dan & Jen Nevada also !! Just wanted to say that although I like the script style font on your website it is REALLY difficult to read… Sorry to communicate that but I’m just ‘keeping it real (and honest!) And most of my communication is with a smartphone and an iPad mini so I don’t have a big screen. Yes that’s my issue! Maybe if I read enough I’ll adapt! Trust you and your Dad are both doing OK. Be safe, be well! Peace to you TR! Thanks again!

    1. Nice to hear from you! I thought I had changed all the script fonts to better typeface… It is just the headings or the fonts in the articles?
      All is well here in Tucson town…My dad was a 45 year UPRR employee! Let me know on the location of the difficult fonts so I can address that.Thanks!!!

  2. Just found your YouTube channel. Enjoyed the very informative info on black water tank cleaning & maintenance. Popped over to this website to get 3 page guide on procedure & products needed for tanks.
    Browsed your affiliate page, interesting. How hard was it to get the affiliate from Amazon. I am a 100% disabled veteran in Texas. Can’t hold a job due to health. I do use things on your page listings. Do I order from your pages here? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Hi, yes you can click on any ad and order. Or you can go directly to my Amazon store at
      It is really easy to get set up as an affiliate. I can’t tell you how here but if you search on YouTube ‘setting up an Amazon affiliate’ you are going to get hundreds of videos to tell you how.
      Thanks, JW. Nice to hear from you!

  3. Hi, TR. I have a very stupid question for you. The flush is not working on my Tiffin Phaeton. When I started trying to track down the issue, I see that the flush nozzle is mounted near the discharge end of the black water tank which is long and narrow. The toilet inlet to the tank in in the opposite end. Is this correct? It would seem to make more sense if the spray was located near the toilet inlet. I just do not believe that the flush system can be very effective being mounted a good six feet away from where any waste enters the tank. Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks much!

    1. Hum, yea, that seems a little weird. Mine is mounted in the center top of the tank which is where you’d think that it would work best. To help flush the tank you might dump a bucket of water down the toilet while your flushing, which should help wash the solids towards the drain.

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